Our trees are Frantoyo and Lecchino - two Italian varietals, and Arbequina and Picquel - two Spanish types.

We pick in November, press it down in the Valley, bring it back for storage for three months to let it settle in the bottle. On a good year, when we have a lot of oil, you may bring back your bottle back and refill it at half price. On a not-so-good year, we usually sell out.

Good oil is a little bitter, has a nice bite, and is kind of peppery. When it gets cold, it coagulates. (You can test out your oil by putting the the refrigerator - if it doesn't "solid up" - its probably not real olive oil.)

‚ÄčWoods Creek Olive Oil Co.

Woods Creek Olive Oil was born beside a country road in Umbria, Italy. Leslie was painting  a wonderful valley, looking down to Spoleto, when her brush went flying over the fence into a field. After looking both ways, she climbed the fence (well - it was a favorite brush!), found it, and got stung by a Yellow Star Thistle. Since this Yellow Star Thistle is a weed we have been fighting here in Tuolumne County forever, she wondered what else they had that would grow at home - and voila - she was standing in an olive grove!!

After a lot of research, we planted the first 30 trees in 2000 - they all grew - so we planted 500 more the next year.

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Jamestown, Ca